How do I or a family member become admitted to a Nursing Home?

Admission to a nursing home begins with a referral to the local office of Department of Social Development. An evaluation of a candidate's long term health and social needs is completed, and if it is determined that the applicant is eligible for nursing home service their name will be sent to all nursing homes within 100 km of the individual's home. The individual, or their designate, must then contact the nursing home of choice to make formal application and discuss with the Executive Director or Director of Nursing the process of actual admission, i.e. date, time and what to bring.

Is it possible for a resident to get financial assistance?

A Nursing Home resident, if unable to pay the cost of service, may be eligible for subsidy through the Department of Social Development. If a subsidy is required the Department must first complete a financial assessment of the resident's income and assets. For more information on the financial assessment contact your local Department of Social Development or visit the website: Standard Family Contribution.

When are visiting hours?

Visiting hours are not defined; however we would ask that you exercise good judgment in the length and time of your visits (time of day, physical condition and/or schedule of the resident, etc). All exit doors are locked at 8 PM and anyone leaving or returning after 8 PM should ring the doorbell and wait for assistance. In the event that a resident is critically ill, a family member may wish to remain after 8 PM. We will accommodate that resident and family member with care and privacy to the best of our ability.     

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