Health Services

Victoria Glen Manor (VGM) has partnered with local health providers to offer their services to our Residents, right within the Manor. Residents do not have to leave the nursing home to receive the head-to-toe care they need. The calendar below details when each health provider will be available for appointments.

You may book services for your loved one by calling 506-273-4885, and choosing 0 to speak to a receptionist. Payment may be made directly to the health care provider using cash, and receipts will be issued. Alternate payment methods can be discussed with Reception at the time of booking.





Teeth Cleaning

Cathy Howatt
Dental Hygienist


Massage Therapy – mild tension relief,
active and passive exercises

Taryn Gray
Registered Massage Therapist

$30 for 30 minutes

Foot Care – nail trimming

Susan Parker - LPN
Foot Care Nurse


Chiropractor – laser therapy to reduce inflammation and decrease pain

Dr. Keli Spencer


Audiologist - hearing test and
hearing aid assessment

Matthew Box - Audiologist
Ritcey’s Hearing

Covered by PNB
Health Services program*

Optometrist – eye exam and
glasses assessment

Dr. Harvey Bass

Covered by PNB
Health Services program*

* For private pay residents of the nursing home, there will be a fee charged; please ask for additional information at the time of booking.

Health Services Calendar


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