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VGM COVID-19 Updates

Letter to Families re Offsite Visits
(posted September 15)

Letter to Families re Designated Support
(posted September 15)

Updated Letter to Families re Palliative Care Patients
(posted July 7)

Letter to Families - Interior Visits
(posted June 16)

(posted May 1, 2020)

(posted April 6, 2020)

(posted March 18, 2020)

Executive Director
Donna Miller-Wallace

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is a 60-bed nursing home located in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. Victoria Glen Manor operates as a non-profit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and reporting to the
Department of Social Development.

Mission Statement

Victoria Glen Manor is a provincially licensed Nursing Home providing quality long-term care services with a primary focus on meeting resident needs.

Statement of Values

 To those we serve

  • We will respect the dignity and uniqueness of each resident.

  • We encourage the independence of each resident.

  • We will encourage resident and family participation in decisions affecting them.

 To our Employees

  • We encourage employee participation in decisions affecting their work place.

  • We promote on-going education for all employees.

  • We promote teamwork.

 How we work 

  • We promote a model of continuous quality improvement.

  • We demand a safe and healthy environment for those who live, work and visit here.

  • We expect all staff to respect one another and the uniqueness of their respective roles.

  • We recognize that the contributions of our employees enable us to accomplish our Mission.


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