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Nursing Home care is defined as:

  • Care that is required by persons with medically stabilized chronic physical and/or mental illness or functional limitations who have little need for the diagnostic and therapeutic services of a hospital.

  • Care that requires professional supervision and holistic care on a 24-hour basis that cannot be provided in the community. 

  • Victoria Glen Manor provides 24-hour nursing care for all residents, with at least one Registered Nurse on duty at all times. Other nursing staff consists of our Director of Nursing,  Licensed Practical Nurses and Resident Attendants.  Victoria Glen Manor has arrangements for Physicians to visit the Manor twice a week. 

  • Victoria Glen Manor strives to make rehabilitation services available to its residents. Rehabilitation services are obtained through Extra Mural Hospital Program. Services such  as  physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and respiratory therapy are often needed  by our residents, and will be provided whenever possible.

  • Residents requiring special foot care will receive this care on a monthly basis through the staff foot care nurse.

Relief Care Bed
Victoria Glen Manor provides one bed for the express purpose of admitting persons with a stabilized chronic or functional disability, and who requires assistance with activities of daily living and personal care on a 24-hour basis.


The Relief Care service is provided to the members of the community in order to enable people to remain in their homes as long as possible, by giving "relief" to the caregivers at home.

This bed is usually booked in advance by contacting the Executive Director or Director of Nursing. Bookings are for a minimum of 7 days up to a maximum or 30 days in a 6 month period. The required documentation will be explained at the time of inquiry.

Victoria Glen Manor has a full time Activity Director who plans and initiates a complete program of activities, including: exercise classes, social events, current events, bingo, picnics & barbeques, bus tours, birthday parties, gardening, shopping trips, room visits to residents unable to attend group functions and music therapy.


Regular Weekly Activities
Exercises are done daily in the activity room.

BINGO is held for residents each Monday and Friday afternoon.

Bible study is held in the lobby on Friday mornings.

Church service is held on Sunday afternoon.

(Church services/bible study are scheduled by our pastoral care committee)


Regular Monthly Activities
Birthday parties are held monthly to honour all residents celebrating a birthday in the month.

Parties include cake, refreshments, and entertainment by local musicians.

Bus trips are taken during the summer months.


Special Activities
Our Family Picnic is held annually in July.

We crown our "King" and "Queen" each year at the Picnic.

A candlelight service is held to celebrate Christmas in December.

Memorial services are held twice each year to celebrate the lives of residents who are no longer with us.

Activity Calendars are posted at Victoria Glen Manor listing all weekly and monthly activities that are planned.


Our Activity Director is assisted in these activities by volunteers.  All volunteers must go through an application process.  We provide all of our volunteers with an orientation to the building and the residents.  We also facilitate a volunteer committee that meets regularly to discuss programs and make decisions.

If you would like to know more about our activities or if you would like to volunteer to help with our activities program, contact our Activity Director at


Dietary Services
The primary responsibility of the Dietary Services at Victoria Glen Manor is to provide meals to our residents.  We also offer meals to staff and guests on a cash basis.


Careful attention is paid to special dietary requirements.  A qualified Food Services Manager oversees the operation and works closely with a registered dietician, registered nurses and food service staff. 

A registered dietician is available one day per week at the Manor.  The dietician assists the Food Services Manager in the dietary department and is responsible for assessing the nutritional needs of each resident. 

Menus are based on Canada’s Food Guide, with seasonal foods being offered as much as possible. 

Families are encouraged to have meals with the residents.  There is a nominal cast and families are asked to notify dietary department at a reasonable time in advance.


Residents may be able to have special snacks and treats, but we ask that you check with our staff prior to bringing anything in.

We believe meal times are special times and we encourage our residents to come to the dining room for their meals as much as possible.


Housekeeping/Laundry Services
Victoria Glen Manor provides housekeeping services to all areas of the building including resident rooms.

Residents are encouraged to bring their own pictures and other articles for their rooms to make them more "homey". 

All beds, dressers, and night stands are supplied by the Manor. Residents may bring some of their own furniture. For safety reasons, any incoming furniture should be approved beforehand by the Manor administration.


Laundry Services
Victoria Glen Manor provides complete laundry services for all our residents. This includes both linen and personal clothing items.

All linens (bedding, towels, and aprons) are supplied by the Manor.

All articles of clothing and washable personal possessions must be labeled with the resident’s name. These labels are provided by the Manor. When new clothing is purchased or brought in as a gift it should be taken to the laundry department immediately for labeling. 

Minor repairs of residents' personal laundry will be done by our laundry staff whenever possible.

Other Services

Pastoral Services
Victoria Glen Manor has an active Pastoral Care Committee. This committee is responsible for delivery of the spiritual care activities such as regular weekly church services, mass, communion, Bible study, visitations and memorial services for residents

Hair Dressing
A hair stylist is at the manor every week. This optional service is available to all residents. Cost is minimal and payment is the residents' responsibility.


Current Hair Care Costs:   Men's cut - $7.00; Women's set - $12.00
Woman's cut - $12.00; Perm -  $45.00
; Color - $40.00

Residents may have a telephone in their room. Arrangements for installation, cost of installation and monthly billings are the responsibility of the resident or their representative.

Cable TV
A 24" television and cable service are provided in all resident rooms. A television service charge will be charged monthly to the resident or his/her representative.


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